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Oleg ("Alec") Savitsky is Master of Sport in Sambo and is one of the few Americans who has an expertise in both divisions of authentic Sambo. A Master of Sport in an elite title given to top athletes in the former Soviet Union. Since his childhood (back in Georgia, USSR) he has been training in Greco- Roman wrestling, freestyle wrestling, Georgian Chidaoba, Boxing and Sambo. He was trained by the best including top combat experts from Russian Special Operation Units.

Oleg is also an expert in Judo and various styles of Jiu-Jitsu. He participated in many Sambo, Judo, submission grappling, no-holds-barred tournaments and won multiple titles and medals. He is an accomplished fighter, and was four times selected to represent the United States at Sambo World Championships (FIAS), where he twice reached the finals by facing the toughest opponents. He fought the best of the best the mixed martial arts (MMA) have to offer. In Panama 2002 and Prague 2005 at the combat sambo world championships he had to fight the best heavyweight fighter in the world Fedor Emalianenko (PRIDE heavyweight and Grand Prix champion) by facing him in the finals and semi-finals.

Oleg is known for his vast repertoire of devastating fighting techniques and submissions, which he loves to teach and demonstrate in promotion of combat Sambo. He is founder and owner of RedBear Sambo Academy located in central New Jersey.

Oleg's way of training allows his students to win the fight in the ring and on the street.

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